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How it works

Benefits for musicians

Risk nothing. Claim everything.

The power of the crowd enables musicians to:


Your musical ideas have real value. Why let them sit?


Stop risking your money on session musicians and audio engineers.


Let the blockchain take care of financing, outsourcing, and rights management.


Involve your fans in your success by letting them invest in your songs.


Keep your ideas safe with blockchain copyright proofs.

Express & Experiment

Get your idea out in no time. Move on to the next!

Ioannis Tsiokos

A musician should be able to upload a new song idea or contribution to somebody else's idea, get song tokens (equity) or cash, and be done. Of course, they can also manage, organize and finance a project, but only if they want to.

Ioannis Tsiokos

Lead Developer at Crowd Records

Frictionless, Trustless

Music Creation

Crowd Records allows anyone to contribute to a song, and reap the rewards of token price appreciation and royalties income

Automatic Copyright Protection

All ideas and contributions are added to the blockchain that serves as a single source of truth on copyrights claims.

Customizable Control

Musicians can release or keep as much control as they want over their ideas through song governance tokens.

Completely Trustless

Crowd Records runs the entire application full stack on the Internet Computer Protocol. This means that both the backend and frontend are decentralized.

Royalties Processing

Music royalties and other income can be paid to song wallets which then split the funds among the copyright token holders.

Song Version Control

Song ideas may evolve into different versions. Crows Records keeps track of copyright and governance tokens for each version.

Crowd Funding

Musicians can raise funds by selling song tokens to fans or investors. Song token holders own a part of the song, just like you.

Tradeable Song Equity

Copyright tokens of finished songs are convertible to ERC20 and Chia-colored coins, so they can be traded and transferred outside Crowd Records. ERC20 and Chia token owners are entitled to the same royalties as the native token owners.

Anonymous (optional)

You can upload new song ideas and musical contributions anonymously. Whoever has the tokens, owns the copyright.

Frequently asked questions

Crowd Records is work-in-progress and subject to major revisions.

Does Crowd Records (CR) have a token?
Crowd Records has its own token for governance, paying for ICP cycles (storage and computing), and incentivizing further development and platform growth. Stay tuned for our future tokenomics paper.
Does CR distribute music?
No. CR is not a music distributor or publisher. Finished songs can be distributed through other platforms (traditional or decentralized). The company or person that is in charge of the distribution is legally obligated to deposit the proceeds to the song wallet, which distributes the income to the song token holders.
Can song tokens be traded on an exchange?
Finished songs can be tokenized to ERC20 or Chia Colored coins, which makes them tradeable on exchanges. Songs in progress are tokenized internally and you can only buy them and sell them through the platform.
When and how do I get paid for my music services?
You can get paid in song tokens (similar to company equity) or ICP tokens (similar to cash) or both. Song tokens entitle you to future earnings of the song.
You receive the tokens when the song's governance token holders accept your contribution. If you upload a new song idea, you get all tokens immediately.
Where can I buy the Crowd Records token?
The token is not available yet.
How does CR make money to finance its operations and growth?
CR charges a 1% fee to all income generated by songs, i.e. funds deposited to song wallets. The remaining 99% is distributed to song token holders.
How is CR decentralized?
CR runs entirely on the Internet Computer Protocol. Our goal is to turn CR into an open internet service that will be owned and governed entirely by its token holders.
Is CR a music collaboration platform?
Only if you want it to be. You can certainly look for collaborators and micromanage your song's progress. However, you can also upload your idea or contribution to another idea, and never "collaborate" or go back to that song.
How do musicians decide on song matters?
Musicians have to make decisions on song matters such as distribution, or integrating a contribution by another musician. To decide, musicians must vote using their song governance tokens (not the same as copyright tokens).

Proud recipient of the DFINITY Developer Grant

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Musician, music investor, or blockchain fan?

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